Intelligent Tablet Menu

We call it the Menu Revolution. Change the way your Restaurant operates - forever!

Digital Order Display

Seamlessly connect your guests with staff. Never before would your customers have interacted so closely with your kitchen!

Operation Control

Operation Management anytime, anywhere. Observing your staff and guests in realtime was never so simple!

Gorgeous Menu Designs

Stunn your guests not only with stylish and beautiful menus, but also entice them with Wine/Food selectors

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  • Pay-per-user (On-Premise)
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Support & Maintenance

  • On-site Support
  • 24x7 Helpline
  • Bug reporting and resolution
  • Graphics Designing Support
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Some of our Designs

Live Night

This theme style suites bars and pubs where the lighting is low and the music is high. This high octane theme builds the mood with theming similar to the ambience.


This light theme suites fast food joints or cafes keeping freshness in mind. Fully customizable to your color schemes, this theme is surely your style!


This is our prime fine dining theme, which gives you the elegance of a fine dine restaurant. Certainly for the ones who admire beauty with a class.

Our Team



The Design

Breathtaking Menu designs is what we swear by.

We leverage some of the best graphics designers from Mumbai and Delhi to help us make fresh attractive designs every time for every client.


The Software

Stability, Integrity, Innovation

Our developers have had at least some Financial application experience where there is no place for unstable inaccurate software.


The Marketing

We don't ship junk

Our software is being used by 5 star hotels and we intend to capture the high-end market. There is no place for mediocrity in our marketing strategy.

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