Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!

Advantages of eRestro - Everyone gets benefited

Benefits to you

  1. Menu management: Minor price changes/corrections in menu card involves big printing cost, not only the cost but also involves a tedious process of getting menu printed like providing sample, making changes, again sample, then waiting for multiple copies of menu. Digital menu feature helps you to overcome all these drawbacks by allowing instant updates to your Menu. Check out how the iTabMenu Electronic Menu makes a difference.

  2. Up-selling: Increase your sales by at least 10% by up selling items. Up selling refers to the process where in you are able to sell an item along with another by suggesting it to the customer. For example, you could suggest a nice cocktail to go alongside a main course item or a selection of sides to pick from

  3. Deals and Offers: Introducing deals and offers viz. seasonal, weekdays, After 8:00 PM etc needs extra cost of leaflet printing. These deals and offers can be published in digital menu and easily modified on day to day basis. Which reduces your printing process overhead

  4. Reports and Analysis: Total sales, food item usage, Specific beverages mostly ordered and liked by customers, all these are easily analysed by our reporting feature

  5. Get over of unplanned staff leaves

  6. Mute the billing errors. Your customers know exactly what they ordered and they see a summary - and so do you!

  7. Beautiful Menu designs that stick to the mind of customers for very long. No one forgets a Tablet Menu that looks beautiful so quickly

Benefits to your customer

  1. Pictures! All analysis points to the fact that if customers can see pictures, it leads them to impulsive buying. This increases your sales by a minimum of 10%

  2. Customer’s order using this system will directly goes to kitchen. This definitely implements fast service. Which pleases the customer

  3. Search feature allows for customer to discover more and order faster if they already know what they want

  4. If any food/beverage item is not available. You can instantly de-activate it from a digital menu. Which will not create any unnecessary hopes for customers

  5. Overhead of waiting for a server/waiter to provide the menu is no more

Benefits to your Employees
  1. Usually waiters have to stand near customer until they decide their orders, the same time waiter is engaged can be utilized for other work

  2. Whenever customer orders any food/ beverage item, it directly goes to kitchen. Your cook/ chef can start preparations rather waiting for any waiter to bring the orders from 1-2 tables at a time

  3. Human mistakes can happen in communicating the customer’s order to the Chef. But this system makes sure customers know what they are ordering

  4. Servers are not bothered to explain each recipe, as customers have a quick view of how his/ her dish will look like

  1. Green globe: No re-printing the paper menu for small changes and corrections. Also the cost overhead of printing the paper menu is vanished

  2. Our feature “Feedback from customer” helps you in improving your services

Parameters affecting restaurant management:
  1. Staff dependency: It should be very less to achieve increased sales as everyday sales matters

  2. Customer Satisfaction: At the end all you need for increased sales and good will is customer satisfaction

  3. Menu management: Overhead of reprinting the menu for small corrections is void now. Implementation of Up-selling, introducing deals & offers, adding/deleting new dishes is very quick and easy. Add-on: Support to Green globe by avoiding paper menu

  4. Fast service: Fast service reduces frustration for everyone. Manager, Waiters, Cook, Chef and last but not least your guests

Restaurant management before eRestro

Restaurant management after eRestro

You just can't miss the benefits of a Tablet Menu. It is the way moving forward.

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