How Tablet Menu works

with rest of the eRestro system? A diagram showing how Tablet Menu works with rest of the components and brings in efficiency

iTabMenu - The Menu Revolution

The above layout shows a basic eRestro system setup when you have selected our basic modules i.e. the iTabMenu - Tablet based Restaurant Menu, Operation Control, Order Display - Digital Board in Kitchen.

This image of eRestro as a system illustrates the minimalistic view i.e. a flat implantation of eRestro modules. This view implies that the server is doubling the operation control. The product eRestro can be implemented in an extensive manner with options like:

  1. Extensive View: Clubbing the system with Point of Sale for direct orders

  2. Fully-Automation: Eliminating the double handling of orders by introducing the Operation control

  3. Semi-automation: Including Point of sale with single handling of orders

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