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Restaurant menu was invented in China back in the 13th century. Yes - it's that ancient! The fun fact is that even in the 21st century it shares an ancestory with it's Chinese grandparents - Papyrus or Paper. For the first time in history of mankind this is all set to change with the iTabMenu.

The iTabMenu is a Tablet based intelligent electronic Menu that changes the entire playing field. Let us start by pointing out some of the obvious benefits before we move on to the more awing ones.

Digital Electronic Menu

Can be updated at the click of a button (okay maybe a bit more but you get it!). A sophisticated Management Console allows you to update your entire Menu catalog from the backend. Since everything is electronic, the Tablet Menus can synchronize immediately.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

With our menu every item has a picture. It is known by plenty of surveys that pictures of food items lead to increased sales. It makes customers confident about what they are ordering. Moreover, it allows them to explore new dishes outside their comfort zone!

Describe yourself and your food

Your customers can read about your joint's history or the descriptions of the items they are ordering. Not only does this makes your customers more confident about what they are ordering, this lets your customers connect with your restaurant on an emotional level as well.

Up-sell items

Increase your sales by at least 10% by up selling items. Up selling refers to the process where in you are able to sell an item along with another by suggesting it to the customer. For example, you could suggest a nice cocktail to go alongside a main course item or a selection of sides to pick from.

Languages (Internationalization)

This was never possible before without jumping through complex hoops. Now with an iTabMenu you can give your customers the freedom to choose from supported international or local languages. If you are estabilished in France now you can support customers from your neighbouring EU countries to read the menu in their own language. Isn't that fabulous? It even supports right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic!

Offers and Specials

Do you introduce Offers and Specials often in your Restaurant? Well no more writing on chalk-boards or limiting yourself due to limitations of a printed menu. The iTabMenu makes it extremely straightforward for you to come up with Offers with confidence and creating a seasonal Specialty menu with ease.

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