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Pricing Models - Orbit matters

Enterprise License

With regular stable software updates, priority services, premium graphics and catalog design – this is what 5-stars and other similar premium clients go for. This is perfectly suited if you want a very customized look and feel of the App and are looking forward to scale up to multiple locations with more tables as this model saves cost by almost 50%! This is what you should go for if

  • - You are a large organization with multiple outlets to cover

  • - You want end-to-end service from installation and training to services

  • - You want a customized design very unique and different from everyone else

  • - You want software customization to suit your business better

  • - You want priority feature updates and bug fixes

  • - You want integration services that offer integration with existing software and equipment

Flexi Lease License

This model allows you to lease the system with your desired modules for a defined period along with an Annual Maintenance Contract. This offers the benefit of low initial investment and ability to switch to another model as and when required. This is an excellent model if

  • - You want to start with a single outlet

  • - You know the modules you want to opt for and pay for exactly those

  • - You want to have a low initial investment

  • - You are ready to pay for add-on services like custom designs, software integration and customizations etc.

Pay-per-user (On premise)

This model allows you to pay in a very controlled manner for exactly how much you intend to use. You pay by the number of users of each component you buy. This is recurring subscription model module wise. This model may not give the exact same products as the above two, as it will be a more lightweight version of the Enterprise tools. This is excellent for you if

  • - You have a very low requirement or trying out the product

  • - You are on a tight leash with budget and want to pay for exactly what you use

  • - You are in a geographical location where the other models are not serviced

  • - You understand the services provided are very limited

  • - You are fine knowing that you have a restricted layout in Design and have limited customization options

  • - You are using the product for something that it isn’t designed to do primarily

Pay-per-user (Cloud)

This model is exactly the same as the above model except that all Software components and Services are hosted on the cloud and no hardware deployment or support is provided by the company. You only pay for the software on a recurring subscription basis and do the hardware setup (which is very straightforward) on your own or by a locally contracted company. You can request remote setup assistance from us. This is a great model for you if

  • - You tally with one of the points mentioned above for Pay-per-user (On premise)

  • - You want an instant setup

  • - You want to administer and control your setup from anywhere (over the web)

  • - You do not want to host the Server systems in your own premises

  • - You are in a geographical location where we do not have any presence

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